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Nutritional Values




Nutritional Values

Elementary Breakfast in the Classroom



Nutritional Values



Elementary Lunch


Nutritional Values








Elementary Breakfast


Nutritional Values


Middle School Lunch


Nutritional Values








Secondary Breakfast in the Classroom


Nutritional Values


High School Lunch


Nutrtional Values








 Secondary Breakfast


Nutritional Values



More about Meals in Springfield Public Schools

Food Allergy Notification

Sodexo provides meals for students with special dietary needs when the student presents the school nurse with documentaion from the student’s physician stating the disease/intolerance and what type of diet has been prescribed. This is then communicated to the Sodexo Regional Dietitian and arrangements are made to accommodate the student for meals on a daily basis at school. 

For questions regarding food allergies or our menus, please contact the Sodexo Regional Dietitian:
Kathie Kelley, RD, LDN
Cell: 413-883-8390

Food Services Contact Information

The School Day Just Got Healthier!

Together we can make a difference and help our kids develop healthy habits for life.

You have the power to encourage your children to build a healthy plate at school and home.

Review the school menu with your kids and encourage them to try new foods, especially the healthy foods offered.

Learn more: USDA School Meals Program