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AP teacher named Partners in Excellence Teacher Award receipient

February 28, 2018

Mass Insight Education has named Central teacher Dr. Diane Mackie a recipient of its 2018 Partners in Excellence Teacher Award for her exemplary work in the Advanced Placement English Program, placing students on an early path to college and career success.

Dr. Mackie, is one of 29 Massachusetts AP teachers being recognized for outstanding contributions to student success during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Having worked at SPS for over three decades, Mackie has inspired numerous students and fellow teachers. Currently, she serves as an Instructional Leadership Specialist at Central, 
Magnet Resource Teacher, Student Activities Treasurer, and 180-Day Site Program Coordinator at the school.

She will be honored at the 6th annual Partners in Excellence (PIE) Award Celebration, scheduled for Thursday, April 12th at the Wachusett Mountain Ski resort in Princeton, Mass.

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