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Springfield Public Schools is a district containing over 26,000 students in 55 schools. We not only teach the required subjects, but have engaged, highly-qualified teachers who care about making sure you get the most from your education and your time in our district.


Parent & Student Handbook

The Parent & Student handbook covers district policies parents/guardians and students need to follow for Springfield Public Schools.

District Policies

Find information about individual district policies here.

Panorama Student Surveys

Panorama Student Surveys

Registration Requirements for Springfield Public Schools

All registrations must be done in person via Student Assignment Services at the PACE Center, 91 School Street. See the requirements and what documents are needed to register your child for school.

School Cancellations and Delays due to Weather

FAQs about school cancellations and delays for families and staff.

How to Obtain a Work Permit

Work permit applications and work permits may be obtained at the Parent and Community Engagement Center, located at 91 School Street.