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CSEd Challenges 2022

For CSEd Week, we invite teachers to take part in our CSEd Week Challenges! You can do these challenges with your class to help spread awareness of Computer Science in your school community. When you complete a challenge, you can submit an image of it on the linked form below to be entered into a prize raffle! CSEd Week Sub Form

1. Flipgrid

What does computer science mean to you? Depending on who you are and what you’re doing it might look or feel different. Are you a student learning to code? Are you an educator teaching a class of students to debug a problem? Maybe you are working on sequencing a larger task in smaller steps. No matter who you are, we want to hear from you!  

Record a video of yourself using this link Flip | CSED Week as you answer that big question “What does computer science mean to you?” We can’t wait to hear what you think!  

2. Tech The Halls Challenge: Tech the Halls To participate in the Tech the Halls challenge, use the Pixel Art Activities linked here, in addition to any Computer Science-related photos or work that you would like to display!
  1. 3. “Wreck Your Tech” Challenge:

  2. Taking apart gadgets such as a travel alarm clock, disposable camera, headphones, propelling pencil or a TV remote control is a great way to explore beneath the surface of objects, to find out and question how something works or how it was made. In our world, all the gadgets we use in our everyday lives rely on scientific principles that have been discovered by scientists. But it is engineers and designers who develop new products; they need to have a working knowledge of those scientific principles, so that the products do the jobs they are supposed to do reliably.

For this challenge, you have two options. You can find and code any physical computing device (a Microbit, a Beebot, a Hummingbird—anything you can program) to propose a solution to a larger issue or identify a piece of technology in your home that is no longer used and take it apart to see how it works!  

  1. 4. Future Me Poster Challenge:

  2. Create a poster of your future self that describes the positive change your future work will have on others. Remember, Computer Science is everywhere and can support ALL career paths. Imagine how you can use Computer Science and leverage your passion in your future career! Plan your content to identify images and information that will be on the poster. You want to illustrate your future self! Design your poster online using Google Slides, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, or any other platform, to create a digital poster. We cannot wait to see your future self!! CSEdWeek 2022 Future Me Poster K-12 - Google Slides

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